How can people say that the bible was inspired by god when some stories in it were not even written by the Levites? They copied them_ or should I say plagiarized them_ from other civilizations. The story of Noah, for example, was created in ancient Mesopotamia.

       Let us analyze not only the origin of the story but also its veracity. Do you really think the flood occurred?

       The deluge has been largely discussed. Scientists and scholars have been tracing the flood for generations. They have traveled around the world in search of hints of such a diluvium. But no matter how hard they have tried, they have not found anything indicating that such amount of water had ever covered the earth. The Discovery Channel dedicated a program to this biblical event. The program was titled “Noah’s Ark the True Story” produced and directed by Jean Claude Bragard in 2003. They say that the flood should have occurred 5,000 years ago. They also converted the measures in the bible, and the ark resulted to be 450 ft. long. Tom Vosmer, a marine archeologist who was part of the program, said:

“A 450 ft. boat made of wood could not maintain the shape of a boat, and it would eventually open up and sink.”

       The program also estimated the number of animal species on earth. According to their calculations, there are 30 million. They even figured out the time Noah would have required to load such amount of animals, 30 years.

       Geologist Ian Plimer, another participant in the program, stated:

“A flood of such magnitude would have left a signature, and I have not found any.”

       He also estimated the amount of water required to flood all the continents. His conclusion was that to cover the earth, five times the amount of water in all oceans was required.

       With the amount of water on earth, not even god could have flooded it.

Furthermore, the Egyptian civilization, which is even more ancient than the Hebrews, has no record of such important event. If it really happened, how could they have missed it? They missed it because it never happened. The authors of the story wanted to teach their countrymen a lesson, so they made up a story of the flood to demonstrate the wrath and power of their god. They wanted their people to be obedient and loyal to their deity, and not to be mixing with other races and worshiping other divinities.

       In the above mentioned program, it is mentioned that archeologists found a clay tablet in Iraq in 1851. That tablet narrated the story of Noah. But he was not Hebrew, he was Mesopotamian. And it was more ancient than the Hebrews themselves, so it was not the Mesopotamians who copied from the Hebrews, but vice versa.

       Archeologists also found traces of a flood dating 5,000 years ago, but only in Mesopotamia. So, if there was a flood, it was not a global one, but a local one.

       That is what the Levites wrote anyway. They did not try to say that the flood covered the earth; they were trying to say that it covered Israel. It was Constantine’s bishops who created the confusion by changing the word Israel into earth. They thought people would remain ignorant forever, and we would never find out what really happened.

       If the Levites were just copying some parts of their bible, why do people still believe that it was inspired by a god? Or was it that god who told them to copy from the Mesopotamians? Maybe he told them, “I’m getting tired of telling you what to write. Copy some passages from the Mesopotamians.” Does that mean it was he who inspired the Mesopotamian writers? If so, why did they not know of his existence?

       The truth is no holy ghost was telling the Levites what to write. They were writing whatever they saw fit to guide their people, but only the Hebrews, not you and me. They did not consider the rest of mankind their brothers, or even their equals. They called others uncircumcised, foreigners, or gentiles. They rather married their own sisters than marrying a woman from other races.

       So the idea that we all come from Adam and Eve is not from the Hebrews. That idea came from Constantine and the Council of Nicaea. They were interested in making us believe that we all were part of the same people to accept the god they were promoting to profit from it.

       According to the bible, god himself chose the prophets who would lead the people. However no divine act elects the popes. Who elects them? The cardinals! Simple mortals! Is it not at least suspicious that god does not talk to any of the cardinals to tell him he was going to be head of the church? What would happen if the day of the Conclave to elect the new pope, one of the cardinals said, “I just talked to god and he told me that I was to lead the church.” None of the cardinals would believe him! I am sure they would say,  “Hey. That lie is for the rest of the people. We are sure god did not talk to you, because there is no…

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