Judaism and later christianity did not have a different origin than the other polytheist religions in the world. Moses created a god and the Levites, and later the hierarchy of the catholic church, kept him alive. I say Moses created god and not the Hebrew because before Moses, there was not even a Hebrew people, let alone a Hebrew god. He created Jealous (A. K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah) to convince the slaves of the Egyptians to flee. He told them he was backed up by a powerful god who would protect them in their journey. He also told them that that powerful god had promised him they would receive a piece of land for them to settle down. That was why they follow him. He did not tell them that they were going to wander 40 years in the wilderness. Nor he told them that the land he was taking them to was already occupied. He also failed to tell them that they would have to go to war against its inhabitants to take it from them.  That was why the congregation was mad at him. That was why they tried to kill him more than once.

       There was no god in the flaming bush. Moses and later the Levites made up all those stories about him to profit from the idea of god. The crowd following Moses did not witnessed any miracle. If they had, they would have never doubted their god’s power. Moses convinced the slaves of the Egyptians with mere words. That was why they kept switching gods.

       In addition, they knew how gods were created. That was why they asked Aaron to make one for them. Moses got really angry because of this. He knew that any god could work for the congregation. He ordered the Levites to kill almost 3,000 of former slaves because that was the only way they would accept his god, through fear, but not fear of god, fear of losing their lives. Throughout history, fear has been the means to make people believe in any god. Moses used it. Constantine used it, and so did all his successors.

       If you think logically, nothing Jealous (A. K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah) does make sense:

  • He created our planet and our sun in six days, but it took him 40 days to make two slabs of rock.
  • He created the earth, but he did not know it had no corners.
  • He created the Hebrew first, but they were last to get to the “promised land”
  • He created the earth, but he forgot to save a piece of it for his children.
  • He created the fertile parts of the earth, but he chose a desert for his children to settle.
  • He told Abram to go to the land he promised for him, but he welcomed him with famine.
  • He rewarded Abram for prostituting his wife.
  • He rewarded Isaac for trying to do the same.
  • He sent Jacob down to Egypt because of the famine, instead of sending rain.
  • Egypt was the land of plenty, why did he not choose it to be the promised land?
  • He let the Egyptian enslave his children and forgot about them for 430 years.
  • He could talk to multitudes, but he decided to talk just to Moses to convince his children to escape.
  • He could kill innocent Egyptian firstborns, but he could not kill Pharaohs or Egyptian soldiers.
  • He could part the waters of the Red Sea or Reed Sea, but he could not make his children remember that feat.
  • He commanded, “Thou shalt not kill.” And he spent hundreds of years slaughtering people.
  • He let his children wander in the wilderness for 40 years.
  • He made his children fight to death for the piece of land he promised to them.
  • He rewarded the Levites for killing almost 3,000 of their brothers.
  • He made his children kill not only soldiers but also babies, children, women and elders.
  • He did not know what mercy was.
  • He was jealous of other gods.
  • He killed his own children to prevent them from worshiping other gods.
  • He punished thieves, but not murderers.
  • He sold his children to the king of Mesopotamia.
  • He had been defeating his children’s enemies, but they asked for a king to lead them in battle.
  • He chose a man to be king for being cute and tall.
  • He chose the wrong man to be king and he had to dethrone him.
  • He promised David that all the Israelite kings would be his descendants, and he allowed the Romans to crown an uncircumcised man, Herod.
  • He promised David that his kingdom would last forever, but… You know the story.

       As you can see, for a perfect god, Jealous (A. K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah) takes pretty imperfect decisions. I do not see a divine being behind them. I can only see imperfect men.

       The next problem I have is how we all got to know about Jealous (A.K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah). We got to know about him because of Constantine, the Roman emperor.

       According to the catholic tradition, Constantine was the last person who heard god’s voice. Before going to battle, Constantine saw the cross in the sky and he heard a voice that said, “With this sign you will conquer.” Is that not suspicious to you? We know now that Jealous (A.K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah) is a bloodthirsty god, but Jesus! Did he not come to earth to undo all the wrong in the world?


       But here is Constantine, telling us that he was victorious because of the sign of the cross.

       I cannot understand why the son of god would choose the most brutal regime in the world to spread his gospels; the same empire that took the promised land away from his children; the empire that tore his temple in Jerusalem; the regime that exiled his people and prevented them from returning to their homes.

       Why did he not appear to everyone in the sky and tell them, “This is my gospel, follow it, for I am the lord?” I am sure each and everyone would have believed him. Instead, he chose to speak secretly with Constantine, to give him the mission of spreading his gospel around the world. Was Constantine a Levite?

       Another thing that puzzles me is the fact that god only cared for the people who lived in a small part of the world, the Roman Empire. He neglected the people in the Far East, the people in Africa, the people in Oceania, and the people in the Americas. If we all are his children, why did he not send the same signs to the people in those places?

       There will be those who will say, “The Americas are Christianized, aren’t they?” Yes. But look at the cost. Some historians say that at the time of Christopher Columbus got to the Americas, there were 25 million people living here. By 1560, there were one million and a half. The Spaniards had to kill 23½ million people to make the rest believe in their god.

       As incredible as it may sound, god told Constantine to spread his word, but he forgot to tell him how to do it, so he did it the only way he knew, with the sword. To Christianize his empire, Constantine and those who preceded him raided towns, killed half of the population and told the rest, “Embrace the new god or die.” If those are your options, what would you choose?

       That is not all. In addition to genocide, they recurred to lying.  Why do you celebrate Christmas on the 25 of December when most of the scholars believe Jesus was born in the spring?  On December 25, the Romans celebrated the birth of Mithras, the sun god. The catholic church replaced Mithras and put Jesus on his temples. And voila! Jesus was also born on December 25. They kept using that subterfuge over and over again.

       As you read throughout this book, they also lied about the bible being for all of us. I will not write about all the lies the catholic church has told throughout the millennia, but I am sure you get the point. 

       If it was not god, you may be wondering, what made Constantine choose Christianity as the official religion of the empire? One cannot do anything but assume that he needed something else to strengthen his empire. Up to his time, all Roman emperors had struggled to keep all the provinces in control. Once a piece of land was conquered, he required to post legions of soldiers throughout the new territory to keep its people from revolting against the empire. That required lots of men and money.

       Constantine had being observing this new religion, Christianity, for some time. The Roman emperors had been murdering these stoic people at the circus, and not even that made them change their ways. It did not matter how horrid their deaths were: crucifixion, torture, devoured by beasts, dismembering, they still believed in their savior. It looked as though they were willing to die to be with him forever. That was something new. Up until then, no religion in the empire could match that. The gods of the Franks, the Celts, etc. provided them with what they needed while alive, but once they were dead, they were on their own. Christianity, on the other hand, promised its followers eternal life, but not only living forever, it also offered a life with no pain and no suffering. It told of a place in heaven, a place of plenty, where all their needs were covered with no effort.

       Constantine, being the state man he was, could not help but notice all that. He must have said, “That is the religion I need for my new empire. Instead of having a legion of soldiers in every province, I will have only one all-seeing, almighty soldier that will keep under control all my subjects.” I hope that by now, you know who that soldier was. Yes. It was Jealous (A.K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah).

       Up until then, Caesars had conquered the land but not its people. They kept their own gods and their own way of living. They never embraced the Roman culture. To have absolute control, an emperor needed to change that. He had to control not only the territory, but also the people’s minds. Constantine saw in Christianity the means to achieve that. This new religion made people docile and easy to handle. It taught obedience and humbleness. It told people not to gather treasures on earth. And they were willing to comply with the rules just to get the ultimate reward, eternal life.

       So the catholic church modified the Hebrew canons to suit its own purposes. It also established the consequences for breaking them.  But those rules did not have to be observed by the church’s hierarchy and all its members. They could break them whenever they pleased, and they faced no consequences. Or better yet, they still do not face any consequences.

       I will illustrate my point with some examples:

       The first commandment is the most important one for the catholic church. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. Why is that so important? It is important because if you shift gods, they lose business. That is why they go to the extreme of killing those who rebel. Do you remember when Moses and the Levites killed almost 3,000 people at Mount Sinai? Why did they murder them? They did it because they turned to other gods. So Moses set the example, and the catholic church was presto to follow it. They killed thousands of people by accusing them of worshiping the devil, Jealous (A. K. A. Yahweh or Jehovah) counterpart. They also killed Martin Luther and John Calvin’s followers for abandoning the ranks of the catholic church. They tried to kill Henry VIII, king of England, for starting a new religion, and later they tried to assassinate his daughter, Elizabeth I, for supporting that same religion.

       The sixth commandment is the second most important for the catholic church. Thou salt not kill. Yes. You cannot kill one of them, but as we could see in the previous paragraph, they can kill you whenever they see fit. I am sure the bishops in Nicaea were tempted to write, “Thou shalt not kill thy king or thy clergymen.” With this commandment, they were protecting themselves; the same way the Levites wrote a “clause” of protection in the bible when they decided that all Hebrews had to go to war but them. Have you not noticed? The founders of the catholic religion and their successors have always violated their own commandments, and they are not afraid of burning in hell.

       The rules were set for the subjects, not for the masters; they can do as they please. Thou salt not kill. And Pope Urban III sent crusaders to annihilate Muslims on the First Crusade, and his successors did the same during the second, and the third.  And the Holy Emperor Charles V killed most of Martin Luther’s followers and sent the Spaniards to terminate the American Indians. And the Spanish Inquisition and Torquemada executed thousands of people. And Pope Pious XII blessed Hitler’s army and did not object to the killing of 6,000,000 Jews. And those are just a few examples. Thou salt not kill? Are all those popes in hell for infringing the sixth commandment?

       The catholic doctrine teaches people not to have as their ambition treasures on earth. They have to leave those “repugnant things” to emperors, kings, popes, cardinals, bishops, clergymen, preachers, head of the christian churches, and televangelists. The ordinary people had to be content with the biggest treasure of them all, eternal life. They have to observe the ten commandments, especially the first and the sixth, or they will lose that treasure; the privilege of being side to side with their creator. If money is so abominable to god, why do all the churches and their leaders have lots of it?

       Lust is one of the capital sins. You cannot have lust in your eyes because you are condemned for all eternity. Yes. You, but that rule does not apply to kings, the church, and its members. King David coveted Urias’ wife and nothing happened to him. God killed his baby (innocents are always the ones who pay) but that was all. How many men died in the fire because the inquisitors coveted their wives? I have always wondered what catholic priests feels when they are in their chambers, raping their altar boys. Is not that lust? Is god not seeing, and hearing them? Do they not claim that he can see and hear anything, no matter where you are? Do they have a special shield made of iron? I do not think so. Are they all going to hell?

       This attitude of the priests’ is what confuses me. If they know that anybody who sins will burn in hell forever, why do they still do it? Are they made of the same material the Hebrew people in the bible were made of? No matter how many marvels Jealous (A. K. A. Yahweh or Jehovah) did, they still chose to do the wrong thing. Are they that temerarious? No. They do it because they know something the rest of you do not. The secret they swore not to tell since the Council of Nicaea. I know the secret but I cannot tell you out loud, so lean forward if you want to hear. There is no heaven or hell. They made them up to keep you in control and to get financial gain and power.

       Even in the smallest details, they show you that the rules are not meant for them. Whenever a man enters St. Peter Basilica or any other Catholic church in the world, he has to take off his hat, if he is wearing one, but not the pope or the cardinals. That is their way of telling you that their rules are just for you.

       Catholicism has taught its followers that they must conduct their lives according to its canons. Whoever dares to walk through a different path is severely criticized or even excommunicated.

       Prostitution has always been frowned at by the catholic church. But we read in the bible that it is not that bad. Abraham gave Pharaoh his wife for gold, silver, cattle and servants. Then he did the same in Gerar. Isaac tried to prostitute his wife in Gerar, too. A harlot helped Joshua defeat Jericho. Mary Magdalene, according to the gospels was one of them, and she was a close friend of Jesus’. It cannot be that bad.

Think twice before quoting the Bible to argue in favor or against an issue. You may have a big surprise in store if you read it closely.

       All Catholic and Christians are against abortion because it means killing a baby. They support their argument with the sixth Commandment, Thou shalt not kill. God himself has spent his entire existence killing, not only grown men, but babies, too. Do you remember him killing all the firstborns in Egypt? I bet some of them were babies.  I will create a hell for gods. Maybe that will stop his killing spree. Besides, do you know why the Catholic Church is against abortion? So they can have more boys to rape.

       I will give some advice to those women who want to abort but the catholic church does not let them. Have your baby; then accuse him/her of heresy and burn him/her on the stake. The church is OK with that. Here is something else you could do. Dress up like a crusader and dress him/her like a Muslim and slaughter him/her, they will even bless your sword. You can also tell the church that he/she was Jewish and you were a Nazi. They approved the Holocaust.

       Society criticizes Mormons for being polygamists. The greatest king in the Bible, Solomon, had 1,000 wives! Why do they not read their bibles and allow them to have more than one wife if they want to? All Hebrews mentioned in the bible did it. Oh, I forgot. They just quote the sacred book when it suits them.

       Those who oppose gay marriages argue that the bible says that the matrimony should only be between a man and a woman. That is true, but in the bible, they were trying to populate the earth! If god had created Adam and Evan, humanity would have never had its first murderer, Cain. They needed to be a man and a woman. But now, there are over 6 billion people! We do not need more. Do you know what the best birth control method is? Gay marriage!

       Murder is a big crime today. But in the bible nothing happens to murderers. What happened to Cain for killing Abel? He was sent to the Land of Nod. What was that? Was it a kind of biblical Siberia? Moses and the Levites killed almost 3, 000 people. What was their punishment? It was not being allowed to go to war; as though they were begging to become soldiers. What did Elijah do to the four hundred and fifty priests of Baal when they could not set fire to the pile of wood? He slaughtered them in the River Jordan one by one! What was his punishment? He got to ascend alive to heaven. That would have been a punishment only if he had been afraid of heights. Besides, I think he cheated. He probably had a kind of magnifying glass to set his pile of wood on fire. Why do Christians not read their bibles and say, “Hey, the sacred book is full of murders, maybe it’s not that bad!”

       Incest is typified as a crime nowadays, but the bible is replete of them. I will not cite Cain because now we know where he got his wife from, but I will cite Lot. After leaving Sodom and Gomorrah, what happened? Her two daughters got him drunk and both had sex with him. What an orgy! What was their punishment? None! Abraham married his own sister. What was his punishment? None! If Christians want us to follow the teachings of the bible, why do they tell us that incest is a crime?

       I do not necessarily agree with those things. I am simply saying to those Christians who oppose them not to use the bible to support their arguments. Worse things happen in it.

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