The Men Who Created Jealous (A.K.A. Yahweh or Jehovah) is a close analysis of the Judeo-Christian bible. It states that the teachings in the sacred book of the Hebrews were not intended to direct the lives of all mankind, but only the lives of the children of Israel. It also affirms that it was not until the times of Constantine, the Roman emperor that the Hebrew bible was transformed to include the other peoples in the Roman Empire.

       The missing link of evolution was found in the bible. In this book, the author reveals the evidence that proves humanity was not created by god. He just created the Jews. He also shows the tricks the Bishops of the Council of Nicaea used to turn the regional tales of the Hebrews into universal ones.

       This book also explains the Exodus, but from a different perspective. So far, this biblical event is regarded either as a myth or as a miraculous event. The author asserts that it is neither. He analyzes it from a perspective never used by any author, the perspective of the people being led to freedom by Moses. Those people are the most important piece of the puzzle, and they say over and over again that Moses did not perform any miracles in their way to Canaan.

       The author also proves that the ten commandments were not meant for everyone to follow. They were intended just for the Hebrews. It was Constantine who gave them the sense of universality.

       A theory of who Moses could have been is romanced in this book. According to the author Moses was not of Hebrew origin.

       The book also discovers the real voice of god. It says who is impersonating the new god. It also explains how those people manipulated the truth to gain political and economical powers. It also proves that the bible was the product of the mind of men and not the product of divine inspiration.

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