Way before men were allowed to think freely, some daring individuals started questioning the veracity of the teachings in the bible. Some, like Copernicus, paid with their own lives the audacity. Others, like Galileo Galilee, lost their freedom and their reputations.

       Thanks to those individuals, and others like them, we can now discuss openly those topics once considered taboo.

       Nowadays, those who believe in god and the teachings in the bible think that our lives should still be governed by those canons. They consider that the contents of the sacred book of the hebrew were meant for all of the individuals on the face of the earth; they could not be more mistaken. Those traditions were not written to be followed by all. They were intended to direct the people of Israel, the Hebrews.

       In ancient times, every culture, major or minor, had its own religion, its own gods, and its own beliefs. At one point in their lives, they all wondered where they had come from, and each of them came up with a different story of their origins. Thus, we have the tales of the Greeks, telling us how Prometheus was told by Zeus, god of gods, to create man to populate the land. The Romans tell us how Romulus and Remus started their own civilization. The Maya tell us in the Popol Vuh, sacred book of the Maya, how their people were created from maize.

       In the same way, the Hebrews decided to come up with a story to explain their existence. When they created Adam and Eve in Eden, they were not trying to explain the origin of humanity. They were just trying to shed light to the origins of their own upbringing. It was not until the time of Constantine, the Roman emperor, when Christianity was declared the official religion of the Roman Empire that Constantine’s bishops tried to make people believe that those tales in the bible were intended to explain the origins of mankind. To these days, those precepts are accepted by all Judeo-Christian societies. They do not allow some minorities, like the gay community, to get married, because, according to them, it goes against the teachings of the bible. They do not let pro-choice women get abortions, because of the same reasons. Well. Let us analyze the most quoted book in history and see if we all should really adhere to its canons. 

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