The gospels in the new testament tell the story of Jesus the alleged christ. They tell us how, one by one, the prophecies of the seers were being fulfilled by this personage, emphasizing the idea of his divine origin.

       But were these prophecies really fulfilled? Or were they manipulated to be fulfilled? The oldest gospel, Mark’s, was written decades after the death of Jesus. If the facts of any event are changed moments after it happened, depending on who is telling the story, what could have changed in four decades?

       The requirements that all messiahs had to fulfill were two. And I say “all messiahs” because Jesus would not be the first one. Samson and Hezekiah, just to mention the most well-known, were messiahs. And these are those two requirements: being a direct descendant of King David and being born in his hometown, Bethlehem.

       The veracity of the fulfillment of these and other prophecies is discussed in this work. The author decided not to use other sources than the new testament because he considered that there is enough evidence in the gospels to refute all the popular believes.

       All the evidence presented in this book comes directly from the bible.

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