God did not create mankind. It was man who created godkind or should I say theoity? I do not know. What I do know, after reading about most of the ancient cultures in the world, is that gods are the product of a combination of ignorance and necessity. The men who dwelt in caves did not know how nature worked. Everything amazed them. Rain, volcanoes, thunders, and all natural phenomena were an enigma to them. Since they did not know why or how they came to be, they thought superior beings were behind them. If you notice, all the ancient cultures in the world were polytheist. No matter how far apart they were, they all drew the same conclusion: behind those phenomena there had to be divine beings. All those occurrences that made the things they needed to survive, they turned into “gods”.

       It is not surprising that the vast majority of the ancient cultures chose the sun as their main god. The sun not only provided them with light and warmth, it also gave to them plants and seasons. The moon was another deity. It gave them some light at night and controlled the tides. The rain was an important divinity, too. It gave to them crops and water to drink. Anything that yielded something they really needed, they tuned into a god.

       Then, a new kind of man appeared, the smart guy. His brain developed faster than the others’. He started noticing that nature gave some signals before the “divine” events happened. For example, they discovered that before raining, there were clouds in the sky and wind, and they decided to use that new knowledge to their own advantage. They usually were not the strongest ones, so they could not become chiefs. But they had something even better than brute force. They had knowledge. They told the people, “I can talk to the gods. If I ask the god of rain to send rain, he will send it to us.” To prove it, they started praying, or dancing or whatever they used to do. Short after that it rained, and everybody marveled. And whenever they needed rain, they would go to those shamans. But the services were not for free, they had to give them some “offerings” for the gods. Only they were not really for those gods, they were for them. After getting the reward, they started dancing; those who danced anyway, and rain came down. For it really rained! The trick was they did not dance whenever they were asked. They danced when they saw those sings in nature, thus deceiving the ignorant ones.

       Rain was not the only thing they “controlled”. They also discovered that some plants could cure some illnesses. They told the rest of the people, “I can intercede for the gods to cure you.” And they “talked” to the gods and gave a potion to the sick person. The person thought the gods cured him/her, not knowing that the real medicine was in the drink.

       Short after that, even great chiefs asked for counsel. Then the shamans realized that they could be even more powerful than the chiefs themselves. They only had to play their cards properly. And so, they became the power behind the throne.

       Civilizations flourished around the world and so did their gods. Shamans evolved into priests, and gods evolved into religions.  Gods had different names, but represented the same things: the sun, the moon, the rain.

       Before going to war, all great commanders had to kneel down before a priest at the temple. When seeing this scene, I am sure the priests thought to themselves, “Who has the power now?” People were so depending on those gods that entire armies were reluctant to move if they did not have the blessing of the high priests.

       The more ignorant a person is, the easier it is for priests to convince them that gods exist. What is the best age for a person to start going to church? “When they are young children, 4, 5, or 6 years of age,” a priest, a pastor, a rabbi, or a preacher would say. Why that age? Because at that age; children are as ignorant as a caveman millennia ago. They will believe anything you tell them: Santa Claus, Tooth Fairies, leprechauns, you name it. As easy as parents make them believe in those beings, priests and others of their kind make them believe in god.

And once in their heads, not even a good education will pull it out.

       All the gods around the world are powerless. It is people who make them what they are. From the beginning, humans have been weak of spirit. They fear what they do not know. Whatever it is a mystery to them, they give a divine origin, even today.

       When people have problems, they pray. When they finish praying, they have the answer to their problems, and they think that their god gave them the solution. No. The solution to the problem was all the time there. They only did not see it. Their brains were so tense, so frustrated and worried, that they stopped working properly. As they prayed, they relaxed. And as the tension on the brain lowers, the ideas get better organized, and zap! There is the answer. Or better, you see the answer, because it was always there, you just could not seeit.. Just think when you were taking algebra. You had to solve ten problems for homework. You already knew the process, so you would start working on the first ones, and you had no trouble in getting the correct answers. Then, when just two or three remained, you could not get the right responses. No matter how hard you tried, you did not succeed. Frustrated, you would throw the pencil on the notebook and go outside to play with your friends. Later, you would remember your homework and continued working on it. Suddenly, you would realize what the problem was. You had added some numbers wrong.  You would fix the mistake, continued with the rest and a straight “A” you would get. Why did you find the answer easily after you played for a while? You found it because playing relaxed your brain. Praying is not the only answer to your problems. Take your mind away from your problems for a while, and you will also find a solution. 

       Knowledge is a god terminator.  The stronger science gets, the weaker religion becomes. And that is because all religions, with no exception, were founded on ignorance. Early humans had no knowledge. They had to start from scratch.

That condition of ignorance prevailed throughout the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and on.  Two big events worsened the lack of knowledge in those societies: the burning of the library in Alexandria and the rising of catholicism. The former prevented the new generations from accessing the hundreds of thousands of books on all fields, scientists and philosophers had been writing around the ancient world.  The latter opposed knowledge because they knew it was their biggest enemy. They tried to stop its development at any cost.

       Ignorance was accentuated during the Dark Ages. During that period, people were denied the access to literacy. They were not sent to school. They were not allowed to look for answers to all the puzzling questions in their minds beyond the bible. All advancements in science were abruptly stopped. Those who dared to go against those prohibitions were accused of heresy, tortured and executed. The brutal regime brought by the catholic church to society did not permit brains to grow. It was not until the Renaissance when scientist, artists and thinkers in general began giving answers to question religion had no answers for. Or those answers they had were not very convincing.  For centuries, the catholic church thought that the earth was flat. They also believed that the sun revolved around the earth. They even thought that the earth was the center of the universe. Fortunately for humanity, there have always been individuals who are willing to put on the line everything they have to shed light on those dark moments in history.

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